ScentLok BE:1 DIVERGENT Suit

The all new Divergent system is the culmination of almost three decades of engineering, research, and infield testing. They’ve combined a premium, dead quiet fleece fabric with unrivaled odor control, insulation, and water repellent technologies to deliver a suit never seen before in the industry. The Divergent gives you all the tools you need to […]

New Bow Sights for 2021

Looking to find out what’s new in the world of bow sights for 2021? Well, look no further! Our team has assembled the most comprehensive list of new bow sights for this year. There are a variety of new offerings including new single-pin adjustable sights, new multi-pin sights that can set your pin gaps for […]
new bows for 2021

New Bows for 2021

Learn about the best new hunting bows for 2021 from companies like Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Bowtech, Elite and more.

New Broadheads for 2021

Despite the fact that the ATA show was cancelled this year, we went through the Virtual ATA Show and hand-picked some of the most intriguing new broadheads for 2021. We tried to get a good variety of fixed to mechanical, as well as some new concepts. In no particular order, here are some of the […]

Squirrels Are Dying to be Near Me

Pat Durkin recently came to the conclusion that, "Squirrels are dying to be near me." Here's a look at his story and what he discovered.

2021 Hoyt Ventum & Carbon RX-5

Hoyt just came out with their 2 new flagship bows for 2021. The aluminum Ventum, and the carbon RX-5. With a few new innovations installed, we’re going to break down each bow individually and give you all the specs for Hoyt’s 2 new bows… Carbon RX-5 Specs The Carbon RX-5 comes in either the regular […]

Tethrd ONE Stick Review

Check out the new Tethrd One stick in this video interview with Ernie Power and Greg Godfrey as they introduce the lightest climbing stick on the market.