Bowhunting Sweepstakes

Sign up for the 2022 Bowhunting Sweepstakes and you’ll be entered to win gear every month!

Bowhunting Sweepstakes

2022 Giveaway signups are now open, each month we pick one random winner to receive a selection of awesome bowhunting gear!  From sights and broadheads to rests and stabilizers, you could be the next lucky winner.

2022 Winners:

January – Vince Foeste

February – Benjamin Spears

March – William Latronica

April – Colin Hudson

May – Derek Robertson

June – Patrick Schartel

July – Vince Foeste

August – Michael Mitchell

September – Kenneth Trentowsky

Each year in December we pick one random winner who will receive a full Mathews bow package including a brand new Mathews bow with a Platinum ABB bowstring, an HHA sight & rest, a Dead Center stabilizer, and much more.

Here’s the 2021 winner – Adam Guidry:

Bowhunting Sweepstakes

Bowhunting Sweepstakes

Please note: Only one entry is permitted per person per year. Offer only eligible for persons over 18 years of age living in the United States or Canada.
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